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April 25, 2019
What are the challenges to localization in autonomous cars in the Arctic?

  There are a number of challenges to localization of autonomous vehicles (AVs) and autonomous driving (AD) applications in northern latitudes. The primary…

By Mark Petovello

December 6, 2018
What Is Snapshot Positioning and What Advantages Does It Offer?

Snapshot positioning is a technique for determining the position of a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver using only a very brief interval…

By Mark Petovello

September 24, 2018
Are Reflected Signals Always Undesirable?

Rightfully, the GNSS community almost universally considers reflected signals to be problematic (the field GNSS reflectometry being an obvious exception). Reflected or non-line-of-sight…

By Mark Petovello

September 13, 2018
How can we ensure GNSS receivers are robust to real-world interference threats?

GNSS technology plays an important role in an ever expanding range of safety, security, business and policy critical applications.

By Mark Petovello

April 5, 2018
How does Earth’s rotation affect GNSS orbit computations?

GNSS positioning is premised on the idea that the satellite positions are known, or can be calculated. Errors in the computed satellite position…

By Mark Petovello

November 27, 2017
Do modern multi-frequency civil receivers eliminate the ionospheric effect?

Figures 1 – 10 Q: Do modern multi-frequency civil receivers eliminate the ionospheric effect?

By Mark Petovello