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Inside GNSS Webinar Series: Digital Tactical-Grade MEMS Inertial Sensors for Precision Motion Control, Positioning and Navigation

Join us November 15, 2023, to hear our expert panel discuss how tactical-grade miniature MEMS inertial sensors address the challenges of navigation, positioning and motion control applications.

Manufacturers of tactical-grade IMU and INS require highly stable and robust inertial sensors to meet the accuracy requirements of dynamic applications operating in constrained environments with high vibration and temperature variations. Traditional high-performance, analog open-loop MEMS inertial sensors often suffer limited performance while exposed to shocks and vibrations, and require complex and costly system integration techniques to maintain their key performances.

Experts from Tronics Microsystems will present how a closed-loop, digital and miniature MEMS inertial sensor architecture bring high stability and repeatability figures to demanding motion control, positioning and navigation applications, while significantly reducing the integration effort and bill of materials cost at the system level.

Rounding out the webinar, Parker Aerospace will provide a customer testimonial on the added value of incorporating tactical-grade digital MEMS sensors into demanding systems.

Join us for this in-depth technical webinar on Wednesday, November 15, 2023 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM EST.

The panelists:


Raphaël Lattion, Engineering Director, Parker Aerospace
Raphaël Lattion is Engineering Director at Parker Aerospace in France. He has been working in the aerospace industry for 28 years. Raphaël has an electrical hardware background on sensing conditioning for harsh environment and safety applications (Primary Flight Controls for aerospace). He has been exploiting inertial MEMS technology for 25 years.


Vincent Gaff, Director of Sales & Marketing, Tronics Microsystems, a TDK Group Company
Vincent Gaff is Director of Marketing & Business Development at Tronics Microsystems and has 25 years of experience in the MEMS and inertial sensor industry. He oversees the sales and marketing activities for Tronics’ inertial MEMS sensors and foundry services. Vincent received a graduate degree from École Centrale Paris.


Pierre Gazull, Product Marketing Manager, Tronics Microsystems, a TDK Group Company
Pierre Gazull is Product Marketing Manager for High-Performance MEMS inertial sensors at Tronics Microsystems. Prior to joining Tronics, he worked at STMicroelectronics in SoC and ASIC HW design, then he joined Dolphin Design as a Product Marketing Manager for ultra-low power IP. Pierre holds a MSEE and a Master’s Degree in Management of Technology and Innovation.


Dr. Antoine Filipe, CTO, Tronics Microsystems, a TDK Group Company
Dr. Antoine Filipe is C.T.O. at Tronic’s and has 30 years of experience in the semiconductor and MEMS industry. Dr. Filipe holds a Master of Science from Ecole Polytechnique and a Ph. D in Solid State Physics completed within the group of Dr. Albert Fert, Nobel Prize in Physics.

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