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Topcon joins Septentrio’s Agnostic Corrections Partner Program

Septentrio expands high-accuracy service options for their GPS/GNSS receivers with Topnet Live global, RTK service

Septentrio, a leader in high-precision GNSS* positioning solutions, announces today that Topcon Positioning Systems is joining their Agnostic Corrections Partner Program. This program was launched earlier this year to facilitate the use of Septentrio receivers with various high-accuracy services, offering integrators the flexibility to choose the most suitable correction service for their specific application. Topcon’s Topnet Live is a real-time GNSS corrections service that delivers high-quality centimeter-level RTK corrections data with a broad worldwide network coverage and a variety of subscription options.

“This collaboration with Topcon enables us to bring more high-quality corrections options to our customers. Septentrio’s robust GNSS receivers combined with Topcon’s reputable infrastructure creates a powerful synergy that offers high precision and reliability to industrial sectors, including construction and mining, while also catering to emerging applications like robotics and automation,” said Gustavo Lopez, Senior Market Access Manager at Septentrio.

“Topcon is committed to providing the best GNSS correction services to our customers and partners. We believe that users should have access to this service regardless of receiver branding and we are pleased to work with Septentrio to make stable and precise positioning accessible to diverse sectors,” said Ian Stilgoe, VP of Emerging Business at Topcon. “Septentrio receivers have a reputation of being precise and reliable, which matches well with the high quality standards of our corrections services.”

GNSS-based positioning is limited in accuracy due to several errors caused by GNSS satellites as well as the Earth’s atmosphere. To compensate for these errors and achieve up to centimeter-level accuracy the receiver can use additional information from a corrections service. Various high-accuracy services offer varying levels of accuracy and coverage and different delivery methods. Septentrio’s collaboration with Topcon broadens the range of choices that integrators now have when looking to get high-accuracy from their Septentrio receiver.