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Septentrio, Point One Navigation Expand Partnership to Europe

SAN FRANCISCO and LEUVEN, Belgium—Point One Navigation, a provider of precise location as a service (PLaaS) for autonomous vehicles, and Septentrio, a leader in high-precision GNSS, have expanded their precision location solutions throughout western Europe.

Point One’s Polaris is an innovative correction network that enables high-precision GPS and computer vision-based localization, while allowing the customer to choose the performance and price point that best fits their application. Septentrio RTK receivers can be used directly with Polaris to provide centimeter-level accuracy in seconds. Polaris has recently extended coverage to now include western Europe, further expanding the reach of the network.

Point One is the first localization service with a robust API, unlocking the developer to build applications on top of the service. Septentrio and Point One are bringing this developer compatibility to demanding applications, including industrial autonomy, precision agriculture, logistics and delivery, robots and autonomous vehicles.

This technology is complemented by Point One’s FusionEngine software, which further integrates cameras and additional sensors to achieve the desired level of precision, even in the complete absence of satellite signals.

“We have chosen to work with Septentrio to power our solutions for both the correction network and our FusionEngine reference design because of the excellent quality, robustness and jamming and spoofing resilience of their GNSS receiver technology,” said Aaron Nathan, CEO and cofounder of Point One Navigation. “We have worked with them extensively in the autonomous vehicle space, and their GNSS technology combined with excellent application support, has been integral to our success.”

“We are very excited to be expanding our agnostic corrections program with Point One Navigation for their autonomous and industrial applications in the EU,” said Gustavo Lopez, market access manager for Septentrio. “Their correction services have proven robustness, accuracy and high availability in the Americas. Their recent expansion into the European Union is key for integrators wanting a transparent RTK service in both continents.”

The robust, globally accurate position and orientation obtained by Point One’s FusionEngine software is a result of highly advanced algorithms that integrate camera, inertial, and GNSS data at over 200 times per second. FusionEngine has the accuracy and the resilience to inclement weather required by Level 2 applications such as highway lane keeping and V2X, while offering the robustness necessary for mission-critical Level 4 and Level 5 robo-taxi and full autonomy applications. FusionEngine, powered by the Polaris Cloud, provides convergence to centimeter accuracy in seconds. The platform also completely eliminates the combined location/map provider lock-in typical of other solutions based on HD mapping technology, enabling vehicle OEMs to choose the best map provider for a given region.

Point One’s solution is powered by Septentrio’s best-in-class GNSS receivers, including the mosaic compact multi-constellation GNSS Receiver. The Septentrio mosaic, a multi-band, multi-constellation receiver in a low-power surface-mount module with a wide array of interfaces, is designed for mass market applications like robotic and autonomous vehicle guidance systems. The mosaic module integrates the latest GNSS and RF ASIC technology, as well as the robust positioning engine from Septentrio.