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Quectel Wireless Solutions Attains Global Certifications for CC200A-LB Satellite Communication Module

GNSS-Enabled CC200A-LB Module Expands Global Connectivity Standards.

Quectel Wireless Solutions has achieved a significant milestone with its CC200A-LB satellite communication module securing major global certifications from regulatory authorities including CE, FCC, IC, and RCM. This endorsement confirms compliance with satellite network standards across key regions spanning Europe, North America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The CC200A-LB module, tailored for cost-effectiveness and ultra-low latency, establishes a robust global network connection. This capability positions it as a versatile solution for diverse applications such as maritime, transportation, heavy equipment, agriculture, mining, and oil and gas monitoring. Its primary advantage lies in providing reliable communication in areas where cellular networks face limitations.

Norbert Muhrer, President and CSO of Quectel Wireless Solutions, highlighted the module’s ability to ensure continuous and cost-effective communication for remote and mobile assets, irrespective of location.

Utilizing ORBCOMM’s cutting-edge satellite IoT connectivity and harnessing the L-band of the Inmarsat GEO constellation, the CC200A-LB offers two-way communication, low latency, and extensive global coverage. When combined with cellular modules, it enables dual-mode IoT applications, promising unparalleled reliability, redundancy, and coverage ubiquity. In areas with inadequate cellular network coverage, the module seamlessly sustains communication through satellite connections.

Notably, the CC200A-LB features a compact LCC+LGA package, measuring 37mm × 38mm × 3.35mm, and incorporates multi-constellation GNSS positioning, swiftly and precisely identifying device locations. Its user-friendly AT command set streamlines configuration and management processes.

Quectel offers flexible procurement options for the module, available independently or coupled with the appropriate Quectel antenna, expediting the time-to-market for customer devices.

In addition to the CC200A-LB, Quectel has diversified its satellite communication module portfolio, including the CC660D-LS compliant with 3GPP NTN R17 standards and the BG95-S5 and BG770A-SN modules supporting both satellite and cellular networks. GNSS-enabled features across these modules reaffirm Quectel’s commitment to enhancing global connectivity standards and advancing IoT applications across industries.