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LITEF LCR-110 Receives EASA Certification

LITEF has received ETSO certification from EASA for its LCR-110 GNSS-aided Inertial Reference System (GIRS).

The certification of the LCR-110 includes the ETSO-C201 for the AHRS functionality and – as an essential component and for the first time for LITEF – the ETSO-C196a. The latter allows the user to perform so-called RNP (Required Navigation Performance) procedures, for which the LCR-110 monitors the horizontal position and provides the user with information about the trustworthiness of the navigation data.

“We are very pleased that we have now received ETSO certification from EASA. This is a great achievement for the whole project team and for LITEF. Another milestone has been reached and we can now extend our product portfolio with a cost-effective inertial reference system”, says Klaus Blatter, Product Manager Commercial Aviation at LITEF.

LCR-110: The ideal solution for Performance Based Navigation

The LITEF LCR-110 is a low cost, small size, low weight inertial reference system based on MEMS accelerometers and fiber optic gyroscopes. In addition to heading, attitude and navigation data for use in fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, it provides a navigation solution based on Kalman filtering of raw inertial and satellite navigation data that facilitates improved integrity monitoring of the GNSS information (Aircraft Autonomous Integrity Monitoring – AAIM). Based on its high-class inertial sensors the LCR-110 continues navigation and integrity monitoring even after loss of GNSS information. It is therefore the ideal solution for executing cost and time-optimized flight paths as part of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) with enhanced reliability, worldwide and at any time.

With its low cost and weight saving design the LITEF LCR-110 is the ideal alternative to classic IRS/INS and it therefore facilitates more reliable NextGen and SESAR operations of aircraft that are usually not equipped with such systems.

The LCR-110 IRS satisfies the certification requirements defined in FAA AC 90-101A and EASA AMC 20-26 for performing RNP-AR flight procedures (RNP <0.3 nm) and has been certified according to ETSO/TSO-C201 and ETSO/TSO-C196a.