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Inertial Labs Introduces MEMS TAG-304 Three-Axis Gyroscope

Inertial Labs recently released TAG-304, an advanced performance, tactical-grade MEMS gyroscope.

The three-axis gyroscope solution accurately stabilizes assorted platforms where low latency, wide bandwidth, high data rate and low noise are critical, according to a news release.

TAG-304 can withstand extreme shock and vibrations in accordance with MIL-STD-810 standards. The gyroscopes are fully digitized (RS-422 interface), include built-in test (BIT) functionalities, and have no moving parts.

The gyroscopes feature very low latency (group delay), small size, 4K Hz data rate, 1K Hz Bandwidth and very low noise. They’re well suited for miniature electro-optical systems, gimbals, line-of-sight, and pan and tilt platforms stabilization and pointing applications.